Golitha Falls – A Hidden Wonder of Cornwall

Golitha Falls is a Hidden Wonder that has breath-taking natural beauty, moors, birds and wildlife. You will find quiet country walks here and experience the best of Cornwall and its countryside.

Just a few steps from the car park

You will discover a Hidden Wonder of ancient woodlands that sit alongside the River Fowey with beautiful, wooded scenery. See a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls. You will find a photographer’s paradise for your delight.

Hidden Wonder, Primrose Cottage B&B, Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls

Find this famous beauty spot on the edge of Bodmin Moor, situated just over a mile west of the village of St Cleer and a little further from the market town of Liskeard.

Hidden Wonder, Primrose Cottage B&B, Golitha Falls

Here ancient woodlands sit alongside the River Fowey with beautiful, wooded scenery.

You will find a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls. See the river cascading its way through a valley gorge into a quiet, tranquil pool at the end. Over the course of the falls the river descends 90 metres.

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The Hidden Wonder of Golitha Falls is a National Nature Reserve managed by English Nature and has also been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest on account of its woodland flora; it is also designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Reserve

is home to over 120 species of bryophytes (moss) and nearly 50 species of lichens. The river has various fish including salmon and sea trout, whilst otters are frequently seen here. Kingfishers dart – the turquoise flash – once seen never forgotten.

Primrose Cottage B&B, Golitha Falls

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1: There is an exceptional café ’Inkies Smokehouse’ in the car park at Golitha Falls – do not miss their great charcoal grilled food for lunch here; their ice-creams are amazing too.

2: Sturdy boots can be necessary after rain.

Hidden Wonder, Primrose Cottage B&B, Golitha Falls

Turn right

from the carpark and the market town of Liskeard is four miles, on the southern edge of Bodmin Moor.

The old town of Liskeard was an important market town which flourished in the 19th century. That prosperity is still seen in the fine buildings in the town centre.

Liskeard is a great place to stock up for a picnic, and a stroll around the old town stopping for a coffee at one of the many cafes is not a bad way to spend the morning.

Primrose Cottage B&B, Liskeard

Turn left

from the car park and drive through the valley and up towards the higher Moors for Jamaica Inn. Immortalised by Daphne Du Maurier, in her novel Jamaica Inn she tells tales of Cornwall, its countryside, towns, and wide spaces.

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Primrose Cottage B&B, Daphne du Maurier

Jamaica Inn was built in 1750 as a coaching inn, for travellers using the road between Launceston and Bodmin over the wild and treacherous Bodmin Moor.

The inn was remote and isolated, and it is believed the Inn may have got its name because it did a considerable trade in contraband rum. Half the brandy and a quarter of tea smuggled into the country was landed along the Cornish and Devon coasts.

Minions on Bodmin Moor

boasts being the highest village in Cornwall. With The Hurlers, a set of 3 standing stone circles and the Cheesewring close by.

Hidden Wonder, Primrose Cottage B&B, Cheesewrings

In this blog we concentrate on the gem that is Golitha Falls, as one great area you can discover. To explore more amazing locations download our various free guides to the Secrets of North Cornwall. 

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