Cornwall Gifts – Buying The Best Presents

"What can I take home?"
"What presents from Cornwall shall we take back?"
"Where should we look?"
"I have had a great time and I would like a little memento."
"Where did you get those, they are fab!"
"We want something that is real quality."
"That really captures the colours of Cornwall!"
"Tastes delicious!"

Here are some Cornwall present Ideas – take some gifts back home for friends, family and for yourself.

Cornish Ware

This classic striped tableware brings a touch of rustic style. The blue stripe reportedly reminded an early employee of the blue skies and white waves of Cornwall, so it’s a great reminder of the striking Cornish coast. There are lots of colourways available. These will make delightful presents from Cornwall. 

presents from Cornwall

Cornish Cheeses

A little slice of Cornish Blue on your cheeseboard is the perfect addition. This sweet creamy cheese has been handmade on a family farm on Bodmin Moor for over 15 years and has been designed to be eaten as a young cheese. Cornish Blue is a very different product from traditional English blue cheeses. Its flavour is mild and creamy, with a dense texture and buttery richness. Instead of the ‘salty tang’ common of other traditional blue cheeses it has a gentle sweetness.

Cornish Brie – A soft full fat mould ripened cheese made with organic pasteurised Cornish cows milk. Robust, complex flavour with a rich, creamy centre. An exclusive recipe made with organic Cornish milk.

Davidstow Cheddars –Davidstow Creamery is in North Cornwall between Padstow and Bude.

The climate makes for perfect grass growing conditions.

Cows can graze outside for longer, producing milk that’s rich in buttermilk, and ideal for making cheese. Good cheddar also relies on time, and they sell a range of cheddar maturities, extending from 12 to 60 months, each following the unique Davidstow recipe. It is the only supermarket brand to stipulate the age of maturity on the pack.

You can be confident you are always getting a consistently best-tasting cheddar. Davidstow Cheddars make ideal presents from Cornwall.

presents from Cornwall Cornish cheese
presents from Cornwall Cornish Brie

Cowslip Workshops

Set up by Jo Colwill at her home on her farm in Launceston, Cornwall. She is a passionate and skilled patch worker. Cowslip has become an internationally known specialist centre including workshops, patchwork exhibitions, a shop and a café.

The Cowslip shop has a slightly rustic or ‘farm’ feel, it is a treasure trove of top-quality fabrics including cottons, flannel, plaids and checks and even boiled wool, plus a range of linens.

They are pleased to help with choosing fabric or working out amounts, and stock sewing threads of every kind. They have a good selection of tutorial books, patchwork magazines and greetings cards and pottery by local artists.

A selection of quilts and handmade cushions are on display along with a variety of kits – a treasure trove indeed full of first-class fabrics, gifts and projects large of small.

presents from Cornwall Cowslip patchwork studio

Take home a Plant!

The southwestern peninsula of England has a mild and warm climate regulated by the Gulf Stream, and that is why Cornwall’s gardens are renowned for their beauty, attracting visitors year after year. Specialist nurseries are numerous here, this is a favourite of ours – The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery (see video here) at Lostwithiel.

Originally a slate quarry, the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery began life producing forest trees in the late 1960s. It has become one of the largest and most well-respected nurseries in the South West. The Nursery is located at the heart of the Duchy estate and Restormel Castle can be seen from across the valley. 

A tipple to take back?

from the best of English sparkling wines, cider, beer or spirits let us point you towards some of the best to experience. When ex-RAF pilot Bob Lindo and his wife Annie planted their first eight thousand vines in the heart of the Cornish countryside in 1989, they never dreamed of the phenomenal success they would achieve within 2 decades.

Annie is the first to admit the early years weren’t easy: ‘We practically lived in the vineyard, doing all the work by hand, and when it came to harvest time it was just us and a few friends for picking, then Bob would stay up all night crushing the grapes. But we loved it, always striving for perfection in the vineyard and the winery, and then we won a medal in the national English Wine competition for our first wine, so we knew we were doing something right’. Now with many awards their wine is sold at Rick Stein’s and throughout Cornwall, but it also goes a lot further afield – they supply Waitrose, Fortnum’s and export to Japan. Drink wine by the glass on the sun terrace at Camel Valley, go on a tour to see what makes their International award winning wines so special.


Way up on the hills above Tintagel lies Condolden Farm, the highest Farmhouse in Cornwall and the home of Tintagel Brewery.

Originally set up in an old and redundant milking parlour, the environmentally friendly brewery is housed in a state of the art, purpose-built facility. They have a visitor centre and a café. The brewery produce a suite of classic real ales, made with wet yeast (a great mark of quality) and English malts and hops (so that they hold their head well), and have a refreshing sparkle in their character from cask conditioning.


Each autumn, the apples arrive, full of flavours, sweetness and juice, so award winning, premium ciders and juices abound here, we recommend looking in the local farm shops for the best and less usual choices for example on our Blog.

Cornish Sea Salt

Production is inspired by the original methods of harvesting the goodness of the ocean. A range of sea salts and blended sea salts are available, all with different textures, crystallised and hand-harvested to deliver the unique Cornish mineral profile that makes the flavour so distinctive. You have to try this to appreciate the quality

This is one of the very few sea salt industries harvesting from open waters, more specifically the protected waters of the Atlantic lapping at the shores of The Lizard, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this unique geographical environment defines the taste and high mineral content of the sea salt

From humble beginnings on the south Cornish coast, the Cornish Sea Salt company has now become international selling in over 33 different countries. Look on their website for great recipe ideas.

Pots of Cornish Salt are THE  must have presents from Cornwall!

Those are our first suggestions to whet your appetite, we have more! What are your best buys? Let us know, we are already planning another blog on this very subject.

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