Beautiful Handmade Soap from Clovelly

Having spent some time looking; we think the little paper wrapped soaps are perfect to complement the bathroom suites and we are sure they will delight YOU, our guests.

We are excited to introduce you to the Clovelly Soap Company and to the lady who has masterminded the business for 10 years – Sarah Harper. She and her husband work together to run their lovely little shop in the picturesque, unique tourist village of Clovelly where they live.

Speaking to Sarah she says “It is a juggle with family life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Making Soap and Candles looking out of our studio window is bliss and being able to sneak off to surf or garden or just hang out with the kids make this the best job in the world.”

Talking about the beautiful wrapped handmade soaps she says “Those special touches make all the difference when staying away from home, and with the environment in many people’s mind a guest soap that has no plastic packaging and is not harmful to aquatic life is the perfect choice.”

I asked Sarah what else she enjoys about her job and if she has a mantra in life? – “Developing new products and engaging with our customers – tread lightly on the earth.

  • Her recipes, inspired by nature, use spices, clays, flowers and pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended by hand.
  • All her products are completely natural, the soap contains 100% traceable sustainable palm oil.
  • Clovelly Soap and Candles are available from the pretty little soap shop in the village of Clovelly as well as from their website shop. We now stock a limited collection too.
  • They are mindful of what they buy and use, recycling packaging and avoiding waste where possible. Their own packaging is minimal, plastic-free and fully recyclable.
  • Natural soap will last as long as soaps made with preservatives – it simply needs fresh air to breathe, and it is softer than most mass-produced bars.

To use Clovelly beautiful handmade soaps as shampoo and making the switch to soap shampoo bars.

  • With our increasing awareness of plastic waste many people want to make the switch to a plastic free option whilst still having soft and shiny manageable hair.
  • Hair has been washed with soap for much longer than shampoo; detergents are a relatively new concept in our washing history. A few of us will remember having their hair washed with soap and rinsed with vinegar.
  • Soap is very different to shampoo, and it will take time for hair to adjust to the change.
  • The results with soap can vary hugely depending on your hair type and the water you have in your area.
  • The reduction in plastic and the benefits for your skin are worth a little trial an error.
  • Soap reacts with hard water and can leave a residue which can make hair feel waxy and heavy. Use a vinegar rinse and you won’t look back, vinegar is the perfect conditioner as it neutralises the hair and scalp removing the residue and allowing the scales on the hair to lay down properly making it smooth.
  • Use a spray bottle with 1/3 cider vinegar and 2/3 water with a few drops of essential oil. After rinsing spray hair and rub in then rinse.


A little bit about Clovelly:

It is a picturesque, ancient, fishing village once owned by the Queen of England. From Elizabethan days until today, Clovelly has been in private ownership, which has helped preserve its original atmosphere.

  • Clinging to a 400-foot cliff, it has no vehicular traffic. The steep, cobbled street tumbles down to the harbour and C14th quay through flower-strewn cottages and winding lanes.
  • For those who do not want to walk back up, there is a fare-paying Land Rover service to return you to the top of the village.
  • Man-powered sledges transport all goods to the village. Donkeys used to be the main form of transport, but now mainly give children rides around their meadow during the summer or can be seen posing for photographs in the street.
  • Charles Kingsley, Charles Dickens, William Turner and Rex Whistler all have connections – Kingsley lived here, Dickens wrote about it, Turner painted it and Whistler featured it in much of his work.
  • Once a bustling fishing port, Clovelly was renowned for its herring and mackerel, today it is famous for its lobsters and crabs, which are sent away as far afield as France and Spain.
  • Clovelly hosts several annual festivals: the “Seaweed Festival” in June, “Maritime Festival” in July, “Lobster and Crab Feast” in September and the “Herring Festival” in November.
  • Clovelly offers breath-taking scenery and lengthy walks along the cliff tops. Hobby Drive, built after the Napoleonic wars to give employment to Clovelly’s returning soldiers, winds its way through woods and offers superb views of both Clovelly harbour and Bideford Bay. Walking the other way takes you along the dramatic North Devon stretch of cliffs towards Hartland Point.
  • The admission charge to the village includes parking, a film of the village history, the souvenir shop in the Visitor Centre, two museums, Clovelly Court Gardens and a contribution to the preservation of this very special private estate.
  • The Clovelly Soap Company shop is situated at the top of the village near the souvenir centre.

If you fancy a great day out, lots to see and do, and some gifts to take home, look no further – beautiful handmade natural soaps and candles from Clovelly!

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