Access Statement


We aim to cater for all the needs of all guests who visit our three suite Bed & Breakfast establishment wherever practicable. The following statement is a summary of our provision and is for guidance only. Dimensions/times given are approximate. If you have any question not covered in this document, please contact us as soon as possible.

Contact us on 01566 474428 or



Brochures, menus, and other printed information may be available in large print by prior arrangement.

Detailed instructions for finding the property will be emailed to all guests after booking and before arrival, unless it is the same day. These consist of road sign and road information, landmarks and, in particular, an instruction to use postcode PL15 9PF in Satnavs.

The recommended transport method is by car as there are no public transport links closer than 2 miles. The nearest rail station is Gunnislake.


Arrival & Parking

Dedicated parking spaces are available for one car per suite. Please do park in the space allocated to ensure sufficient space for other guests use.

The surface of the carpark is ridged concrete, on a slight slope that can be slippery in icy weather. The driveway is illuminated at night both along the fence and also by motion triggered flood lighting.


Suites’ Access

The Stable Suite:

Is located in the annexe immediately through the archway from the car park.

This suite has a ground floor front door with standard lip.

There are three steps down to the bedroom, and a flight of ten steps up to the private lounge.


Please note, along with the entire property this suite is not accessible to wheelchair users nor is it recommended for those with mobility difficulties.


The Garden Room Suite:

Is accessed down a series of 11 concrete steps of varying heights and angles. 

These are edged with Cornish slate that can be very slippery in wet weather. 

This suite has a ground floor double front door with a step up. 

Inside there is a carpeted step down from the private lounge to the bedroom level.


Please note, along with the entire property this suite is not accessible to wheelchair users.


The Tamar View Suite:

Is accessed first down the same steps as the Garden Room suite, together with an external metal staircase with 12 steps up to the first-floor level; these steps are profiled but may still be slippery in wet weather. 

This suite has a first-floor front door with standard lip. The floors are carpeted on a single level.


Please note, along with the entire property this suite is not accessible to wheelchair users nor is it recommended for those with mobility difficulties.


Exterior lighting operated by motion sensors is provided around all the external access areas.

We are pleased to assist guests with their luggage as necessary.



Breakfast Access

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, breakfast will be served in the suites.

In addition to the external access steps to and from the Suites, the access into the main building for Breakfast is past the metal stairway to the Tamar View Suite along a slate paved surface that can be slippery in wet weather. There is a high step into the doorway to the Breakfast Room.


Fire & Safety

The safety of our Guests and Staff is of the utmost priority for us. We continually monitor the physical condition of the property, taking action to mitigate risk as far as is practicable and we encourage our Guests to immediately report any concerns so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Guests should take note that the grounds are on steeply sloping land in some places, many areas are accessible only via stone, wood or metal steps. The woodland paths are rough tracks and the Proprietors use mechanical equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, quad bike & trailer in their management. Access to the River Tamar is available along a 150 yd stretch. Normal river safety measures are necessary and use of these areas is at the Guests’ Risk. The River Tamar is a deep (up to 3m) and fast flowing major river.

The premises are subject to a written annual Fire Safety Risk Assessment; all areas are protected by mains wired Smoke Detector/Alarms, that are regularly tested. The heating boilers and Log Burner are protected by Carbon Monoxide Detectors/Alarms, and are serviced in accordance with regulatory and manufacturers recommendations.

The Electrical Installation is subject to a five yearly test & inspection by Certified Electricians, last completed in early 2019. All circuits are protected by sensitive Circuit Breaker technology.


Food Safety and Allergens

Food hygiene regulations are very carefully observed; the premises have been assessed by Cornwall Council Environmental Health and Ros Edwards, Co-Proprietor has undertaken up-to-date Food Safety training. In addition, she has completed in 2019, Food Allergens training.

We encourage all our Guests to advise us of special dietary needs, food sensitivities and specific allergen needs at the time of booking, on arrival & registration and before food service.


Other Regulatory/Legal requirements

We hold a Hotel TV licence that covers broadcast TV in all the Guests suites. An MPLC licence for public showings is not required as we do not have any communal areas.