About Us

A warm welcome from your hosts, Ros and Richard Edwards

We became B&B owners in Nov 2017 when we moved to Cornwall following a dream of years which we didn’t believe we would or could realise – commencing in 2008 and for seven years we took 2 or 3 short breaks each year – stolen weekends from our busy professional and family lives in Sussex to steadily walk the SW coast path. The path is 632 miles starting in Minehead and finishing in Poole, we completed our trek in 2015.

During those times of walking we stayed at many different accommodations and met many happy lovely and hardworking hosts. We saw the beauty of Cornwall and Devon – experienced the coast often dramatic and challenging; and gradually our wish to move South West was born.

We found Primrose Cottage – the perfect place to relax

Once we found our new home, and began to explore the locality we realised anew what a special place this is – with awesome countryside, arts and crafts vibes, seashores and dramatic coast. There is a culture of good food, well produced and skilfully prepared and served, from beach cafes to 5 star country hotels. People are friendly, they have time.

Here we seem to breathe more slowly, sleep soundly, and play lightly. We are B & B hosts simply because we want to share.

Opening the B&B

We opened successfully for our first full season in 2019, welcoming guests from throughout the UK. Overseas visitors came from Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Austria, France, Italy, Germany.

The 2020 season was just opening up when COVID-19 arrived. We shut down till 4th July 2020, when after completing detail Risk Assessments, we were able to meet the COVID Safety requirements. The season then got very busy, as many holidayed in Cornwall rather than the far flung destinations; however we were also pleased to welcome back many returning guests for the 2nd, or even the 5th visit!