6 Things To Make You Love Cornwall

We’re lucky to have so many great places on our doorstep. There is something for everyone, its all here, there is so much to love about Cornwall.

Whether you’re looking for the bright lights of a cosmopolitan city, the more relaxed experience of beautiful towns and villages, a visit to one of the many historic houses nearby, the ocean and its glory, or a total chill, relax and unwind.

1. Love Cornwall and its colours

  • You can watch kaleidoscope sunrises lighting the countryside with drama, and unwind watching sunsets painting the landscape flame red, orange, mauve and purple.
  • Spend time under azure blue clear skies
  • Seas crested with white horses.
  • Moorlands – mysterious and dark greens, purples shot with the golden yellow of gorse.
  • Look up – dark night skies crowded with diamond stars to enthral.
Crackington Haven – watch the sunsets flood the ocean. Park here, enjoy a drink or supper at The Coombe Barton Inn situated right on the beach in this beautiful cove, the rock formations here are splendid too.

St Ives – has the most beautiful light in Britain! A well known destination and retreat for artists, the light here is created by a very special interplay with the varied landscape that surrounds it.
Bodmin Moor – was awarded Dark Sky Landscape status July 2017. Go for a walk here – “pass rocks encrusted in silvery lichen and emerald moss, see Downs dark red cattle and gaze towards the setting sun and, down in the shade by the fast-flowing Fowey, yellow gorse and bearded lichen remain luminous in the fading light”.



2. Love Cornwall and its coast, beaches, harbours and fishing villages

  • Explore wide shores with golden sands.
  • Touch the amazing geology and rock formations made at the beginning of time.
  • Wander pretty fishing villages with intimate winding cobbled streets, colourful boats, baskets and nets.
  • You will love the tall ships, a reminder of romance and a bygone age

Tour of north Cornwall coast – whet your appetite for a visit here

Charlestown Harbour – the last open 18th Century Georgian harbour in the UK.

3. Love Cornwall and the South West Coast Path

  • 630 miles of such superb coastline
  • Come to the beach anywhere in the South West of England, turn left or right and you’ll be on the South West Coast Path.
  • Longest National Trail in the UK.
  • The heritage, wildlife, geology and scenery along the way are truly inspirational.
  • Looking for an afternoon stroll to take you to a beautiful view?
  • 630 miles from Somerset’s Minehead around to the shores of Poole Harbour in Dorset.


i-walk App. – A great way to find walks to take you along the coastal path.
Ranging from 2 to 10 miles. Walks can be purchased for £1.99 via the app which guides you around the route using GPS. The walk price includes ongoing free updates.

Get full details herewww.southwestcoastpath.org.uk – day walks are available here too

South West Coast Path

4. Love Cornwall – its moors, meadows and rivers

  • So many places to walk, relax and unwind
  • Bodmin Moor is an of spectacular scenery and natural beauty, it has its own unique quality.
  • The mining landscape in Cornwall is rugged, windswept and mostly treeless, scattered with remains of engine houses and chimney stacks often giving the area a surreal feel.
  • Telling a story of boom and bust; mining activity was to last barely 50 years; large-scale mining for copper had essentially ceased by 1890.
  • The remoteness of the area means it is a wonderful place to escape the crowds discover wide open moorland, unique natural habitats, and ancient and industrial landscapes.

Golitha Falls – a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls.

Along a section of the River Fowey, and through the ancient oak woodland of Draynes Wood. It is one of the best known beauty spots on Bodmin Moor.

The scenery varies, from wide wooded glades to the steep sided, craggy gorge where the falls are at their most dramatic.

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You NEED to know things to love about Cornwall?


5. Love Cornwall and the Art of every kind

The creative vibe makes Cornwall a heart of originality and beauty. There are galleries, theatres, producers and artists of every genre variety!

Jo Downs Studio – the Launceston gallery is where all the creative magic happens!

Jo is prolific selling a huge selection of gift and interior pieces, she takes commissions too. Jo is one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers. She draws inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape while her advanced fusion techniques allow for the creation of abstract designs of great individuality and depth.

Find out what’s on in Cornwall and Devon

gifts from Cornwall Jo Downs glass

6. Food glorious food – yet another thing to make you love Cornwall!

  • The finest of local produce is here, and its cooked with care and passion.
  • Cornwall is a hub for many of the country’s renowned chefs.
  • From restaurants, cafes, tearooms to local farm shops and beach cafes delicious food is served in warm and friendly atmospheres.
  • The best is offered with enthusiasm for you to enjoy, so celebrate, relax and unwind!
  • The thing I love best about Cornwall is the award wining ice-cream – choices, choices choices!

There are just so many things to make you love Cornwall – please let us know what your favourites are, join in our Cornwall appreciation society. Sing loudly from the hill tops and breathe deeply the air of this fine county.

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